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Four wheeler oil change -ATV/UTV- performance depends on lubrication

Around the track and over jumps. Crossing crags and downed trees on a trail, miles from nowhere. Hauling gear around the acreage. However you use your Yamaha, Polaris, Honda, or Kawasaki four wheeler, the miles are never easy. Keeping it working its best requires a four wheeler oil change that’s up to the task, and no one does it better than AMSOIL.

Whether you’re changing the oil between every race or you’re prepping your side-by-side for a rally, AMSOIL Synthetic ATV/UTV Engine Oil protects your engine from the harsh conditions it experiences. It’s formulated for severe-service applications and when used with an AMSOIL oil filter, it can withstand whatever punishment you dole out while resisting wear.

Len Groom, AMSOIL INC. Powersports Expert, answers the question often asked, “What can I do to make my ATV last longer?”

Here are a few thing you can do to get the most your of your four wheeler.

Top-performing chaincase oil

ATV riders absolutely love AMSOIL Synthetic Chaincase & Gear Oil. Reviews tell the story time and time again – quieter operation and easier gear engagement that all but guarantees longer-lasting equipment. AMSOIL Chaincase oil repels water to keep corrosion and rust at bay while also staying pourable in cold weather.

Chaincase & Gear oil
  • If your four wheeler needs chaincase oil, it’s included in your AMSOIL oil change kit!

Complete oil change in one bundle

Although AMSOIL can be mixed with non-synthetic oils without any ill effects, the best protection comes from using AMSOIL ATV/UTV oil exclusively in your machine. Ensure you have enough engine oil and the correct oil filter with an AMSOIL ATV/UTV Kit. It includes everything you require to perform a complete oil change on your Polaris or Can-Am quad or UTV.

AMSOIL ATV/UTV Synthetic engine oil is formulated to protect your engine in extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, and holds up to the heavy-duty towing, hauling, or racing applications you put it through without losing its lubricating properties.

AMSOIL powersports oil filters are among the most efficient on the market, filtering out particles as small as 20 microns, compared to the competition’s filters that only capture particles as small as 30 to 40 microns. What that means is longer engine life with improved performance.

AMSOIL Sold HereShop owners who want to offer the best synthetic oils for ATV/UTV service order AMSOIL supplies with our Retail business account program.

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Easy oil change kits (includes oil and filter)

ATV/UTV Oil Change Kits PK-

AMSOIL PK*- kits include:

  • 2 946-ml bottles or 2.5 946-ml bottles (depending on the kit) of AMSOIL 5W-50 Synthetic ATV/UTV Motor Oil (AUV50)
  • 1 oil filter (Filter meets or exceeds Polaris OEM filter standards)

*Kits are currently available for Polaris models only.

four wheeler oil change kit PK1

Oil Change Kit (PK1)

ACE* 900, GENERAL* 1000, 013+ RANGER* 900 & 1000, 2013+ RZR* 900 & 1000.
DOES NOT fit turbo engine model

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four wheeler oil change kit PK2

Oil Change Kit (PK2)

ATP* 330, 500, Hawkeye* 300, 400, Magnum* 325,330, 500, RANGER* 400, Model years 2016 and previous – RANGER* 500, Scrambler* 500,850, 1000, Sportsman* 300,400,450,500,550,570,850, 1000, Trail Blazer* 330, Trail Boss* 325, 330, Xplorer* 500

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four wheeler oil change kit PK3

Oil Change Kit (PK3)

ACE* 500, 570, 2017 + RANGER* 500, RANGER* 570,700, 800, RZR* 570, 800, Sportsman* 600,700, 800

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ATV UTV oil change kit PK4

Oil Change Kit (PK4)

RZR 1000 Turbo

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ATV/UTV Oil Change Kits CK-

AMSOIL CK*- kits include:

  • 2.5, 3.5 or 4 quarts (depending on the kit) of AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke® Powersports 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil
  • 1 oil filter
  • O-ring & washers

*Kits CK1-3 include one oil filter with cellulose media that meets or exceeds Can-Am standards.

four wheeler oil change kit CK1

Oil Change Kit (CK1)

Maverick X3 (2018-), Maverick X3 R (2017-), Maverick X3 RR (2020-), Maverick X3 Turbo (2018-), Maverick X3 Turbo R (2017-), Maverick X3 Turbo RR (2020-), Maverick Turbo (2019-), Maverick Turbo R (2019-), Maverick Turbo RR (2020-), Ryker 900 ACE (2019-)

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four wheeler oil change kit CK2

Oil Change Kit (CK2)

Commander 1000 (2011-), Commander 1000R (2018-), Commander 800 (2011-), Commander 800R (2012-), Outlander 500 (2007-2015), Outlander 570 (2016-), Outlander 650 (2005-), Outlander 800 (2006-), Outlander 800R (2009-2015), Outlander 850 (2016-), Outlander 1000 (2012-), Outlander 1000R (2016-), Renegade 500 (2008-2015), Renegade 570 (2016-), Renegade 800 (2007-2008), Renegade 800R (2009-2015), Renegade 850 (2016-), Renegade 1000 (2012-), Renegade 1000R (2016-), Maverick 800 (2019-), Maverick 800R Trail (2018), Maverick 1000 (2013-), Maverick 1000R (2013-), Maverick Turbo (2014-2017), Defender HD8 (2016-), Defender HD10 (2016-), Traxter HD10 (2017-), Traxter HD8 (2016-)

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four wheeler oil change kit CK3

Oil Change Kit (CK3)

Defender HD5 (2017-), Outlander 400 (2007-2015), Outlander 450 (2015-), Traxter HD5 (2017-)

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  • Fluid capacity
  • AMSOIL EaO® oil filter
  • Fuel additives

AMSOIL for ATVs and UTVs

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Formula 4-Stroke®

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Formula 4-Stroke

5W-50 (AUV50)

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Chaincase & Gear Oil

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Chaincase & Gear oil

Transmission & Differential
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Water resistant grease

Suspension Fluid
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Shock Therapy #10 medium

Powersports Coolant (PSAF)

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Powersport Engine Coolant
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