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Dirt Bike Engine Oil

AMSOIL 4-stroke dirt bike oil is formulated specifically for wet clutches and protects engines and transmissions for improved rider’s performance. Clutches lubricated with oil seems like an invitation for slippage and poor shifting however, a properly formulated oil can reduce clutch slippage and wear.

With base oil technology that naturally resist viscosity loss caused by extreme engine heat, riders can push their bikes to the limit! AMSOIL contains no friction modifiers or extreme-pressure additives. Instead, each product is dialled-in with the correct frictional properties to promote smooth shifts and protection for longer clutch life.

AMSOIL 4-stroke dirt bike oil for whatever you ride; KTM®, Yamaha®, Suzuki®, Kawasaki®, Husqvarna®, or Honda®. For your next oil change, choose AMSOIL and see for yourself the best clutch performance and engine protection.

10W-40 Dirt Bike

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Dirt bike 10w-40

10W-50 Dirt Bike

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Dirt bike 10w-50

10W-60 Dirt Bike

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Dirt bike 10W-60

Transmission Fluid

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Dirt bike transmission

Faster Shifting With Consistent Clutch Feel

Dirt bike oil must protect the engine, gears inside the transmission and provide good clutch feel. Riders choose AMSOIL to avoid problems of clutch slip, fade and chatter. Clutch performance is unique to competition riders and enthusiast alike for fast starts from a dead stop, negotiating an obstacle or overall performance. Rides tell us about clutch performance beyond their expectations.

Choose the top quality brand name. See for yourself the best clutch performance for both enthusiast and competition riders alike.

Len Groom, AMSOIL INC. Powersports Expert, explains clutch-feel as an important feature in dirt bike oil formulation.

Looking for the best oil for your dirt bike? Let’s get started, tell us about you dirt bike and we’ll build a list just for you.

Dirt Bike Oil Lookup Guide

Motorcycle oil viscosity lookup

Our customers have asked: “I have always used AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oil in my dirt bike with good results. Is there any reason to switch to Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil?”

AMSOIL Technical: “Although AMSOIL synthetic motorcycle oil is perfectly suitable for dirt bikes, our synthetic dirt bike oil is formulated specifically to meet the unique demands of four-stroke dirt bikes. For example, the clutch feel and protection are dialled-in for dirt bike riders, and our synthetic motorcycle oil is formulated more to the needs of on-road motorcycles.”

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